Stay safe over the Festive period

Despite the best made plans, everything can still feel a little last minute during the  lead up to the Christmas break.

Here’s a few simple tips to make sure you have a safe and trouble-free break over the Christmas and New Year period.

  1. Don’t forget to switch the Christmas lights off!  Fairy lights create a lovely Christmas atmosphere, but don’t forget to turn them off at close of business.
  1. Grit car parks and pathways It’s your responsibility to make sure these spaces are safe for employees and visitors.  If someone slips or prangs their car and you’ve not made a reasonable effort to prevent this through gritting, you could be liable for compensation.
  1. Check your heating – It’s sensible to leave your heating on low during the winter months to prevent your pipes from freezing and bursting.
  1. Security – If your business premises are going to be empty over the Christmas and New Year period make sure your doors are locked shut and your CCTV (if you have it) is set up during this period. Make sure your blinds are closed and your windows are secure.  Publicise any security measures, such as alarms, to deter intruders and keep valuable items out of sight.
  1. Vehicles.  Check tyres and make sure that you top up your antifreeze.  Make sure you have de-icer, window scraper and warm clothes in your vehicle(s) in case of an emergency. It also makes sense to keep your fuel levels topped-up for your journey.

We hope you have an enjoyable and trouble-free Christmas and New Year break.


From all of us at Insurewise