Coast to Coast challenge

Our intrepid team member, Sarah Willis, was due to take on a new challenge this year; backpacking in Canada across the Banff Highline in the Rockies.

However, like many people, due to Covid-19  her plans had to change.  Instead, Sarah decided to take on the 192 mile Coast to Coast walk from St Bees in Cumbria to Robin Hood’s Bay in Whitby.

Like previous challenges of this nature, Sarah prepared for the trip with lots of walks in different terrains and overnight camping in all kinds of weather.

Here’s an overview of her journey.  Enjoy!

Day 1 

I’m kitted up and ready to go.  All my gear, clothes, food and overnight accommodation are packed in my bag. The journey takes me through 3 National Parks, so I should see some stunning views.  I hope the weather is kind to me.  Wish me luck!

The journey begins!

Day 2 Met up with some other hikers. Stunning views.
Day 3, Monday, on the Coast to Coast. Not many pictures today as it rained most of the time.
Day 4, Tuesday, on the Coast to Coast. Nice morning walking down from Grisedale Tarn where I camped last night, then a damp and windy walk up to Angle Tarn. Camped in rain and gales!
Day 5, Wednesday, on the Coast to Coast: Angle Tarn to Shap. Gorgeous day.
Day 6, Thursday, on the Coast to Coast. A 20-miler today, over the M6 and out of Cumbria: Shap to Kirkby Stephen. Total mileage done now, 82 miles.
Day 7, Friday, on the Coast to Coast: Kirkby Stephen to Blakethwaite Gill for another wild camp. About 17 miles walking today. Tackled the infamous bogs at Nine Standards Rigg and only went in up to the ankles with gaiters on, so my feet/socks stayed dry. Started raining after I put my tent up.
Day 8, Saturday on the Coast to Coast: another 20-miler through Reeth and Richmond to Colburn. Stunning scenery. Exhausted.
Day 9, On my own again now.  Colburn to Lovesome Hill, a couple of miles past Danby Wiske.  Shorter, slower, and flat, so I got to take it easy a bit. Gorgeous weather.
Day 10, Monday, on the Coast to Coast: Lovesome Hill to Mouries Pond. Another scorching day today. I have roughly 42 miles left to go. I enjoyed snacks from the honesty box at Wray House this morning, saw a cute foal, braved two fields of cows with bulls in, and took my life in my hands running across the A19! This part of the walk has lots of helpful signs and waymarkers. Tonight’s camp will be a quiet one by a pond.
Cajun Spicy Pasta. Yum. Yum.
Day 11. A very hot hike on day 11 of the Coast to Coast.
Day 12 Trough House to Glaisdale. This morning involved a damp and misty walk across the moors to Glaisdale.  Camping in the mist!
Day 12 on the Coast to Coast, Glaisdale to Grosmont. Feeling tired today, needed caffeine and sugar. Only 10- miles to go to the finish.
Coast to Coast final day! My first sight of the sea. Half an hour or so to the finish.
FINISHED! 13 days, 192 miles. An incredible journey and fantastic achievement. Threw my St Bees pebble in the North Sea per tradition.