Prepare for the Winter weather

There’s nothing more predictable than the unpredictable British weather.

As the winter months approach us, it is important more than ever to make sure you’re prepared for everything the British weather will throw at you: wind, rain, snow, ice and even perhaps some sunshine!

To prevent things that could cause damage to your home or business, here are some of the things you should do to prepare for the winter weather:

  • Examine your roof for any missing or loose tiles or slates.  Roof damage is the most common problem caused by extreme weather, so make sure yours is in good repair.
  • Secure fences and gates.  These are very susceptible to damage, particularly during strong winds, so make sure your fence posts are sturdy and there are no loose or missing panels.
  • Ensure gutters and downpipes are secure and clear out any leaves and rubbish.  Leaves and other debris can cause build up in gutters and can weigh them down. Plus with the added weight of snow, gutters and brackets can break with the added stress placed upon them during winter months.
  • Get your boiler serviced by a professional to avoid problems when the temperature drops and make sure it is maintained properly.
  • Lag your pipe, insulate your roof and water tank and repair damaged window seals or doors.  Keep the heat inside your home rather than wasting money with it escaping through your roof, windows or doors.
  • Look after your taps.  Repair any leaking or dripping taps and insulate any outdoor taps to avoid any cracked or frozen pipes.
  • Get your chimneys swept as there is a greater risk of fire if your chimneys aren’t clear.
  • Check out your stove.  If you have a wood-burning stove and haven’t used it for a while set up a couple of low-level bursts first to minimise the risk of cracking bricks or blocked pipes.

Now more than ever it is advisable to prevent any problems as with unexpected lock-downs and shortages of materials you may not be able to get tradespeople or parts as quickly as you would like to repair any damage the winter weather may bring.

And, don’t forget.  Always make sure you have the right insurance cover for your home or business to avoid any expensive repairs that aren’t covered by your policy.

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