Insurewise takes a hike in the Peaks

The 10-strong team of Insurewise and Pollensa (Neil, Mandy, Sarah, Michelle, Kerrie, Bill, Tom, Vinny, Michaela, and Bella the Dog) arrived in the village of Castleton in the Peak District on Friday morning, all ready for our 6-mile hike over Mam Tor. The weather was perfect for our adventure – dry and cool, so luckily our waterproofs stayed in our bags! We took a group photo in the village before we started out.

The 10-strong Insurewise and Pollensa Team get ready to start their hike up Mam Tor

As we left Castleton, the rocky path wound its way up through the gorge of Cave Dale, and we could see the ruins of Peveril Castle on the hill above us. For the most part, the path was well-marked and not too difficult, although a few stretches through the gorge were rough and slippery underfoot. We had to take care not to slip or trip, while Bella bounded along beside us with not a care in the world.

The Insurewise Team hiking up Mam Tor

We stopped for a few photo opportunities along the way, and the occasional rest for snacks and drinks. After a couple of hours, the 517-metre mound of Mam Tor came into view in the distance. The lane headed directly towards it, and through a field of friendly cows, before reaching the foot of the peak.

Our MD, Neil McCulloch, making a new friend during the trip!

This part of the climb was harder work, with stone steps forming the path, and we reached the summit warm and out of breath. We were all keen to sit down and rest while we ate our sandwiches and enjoyed the view of Hope Valley spread out before us.

A quick stop for lunch and a few photos.

After taking some photos at the trig point, we continued along the Great Ridge, with lovely views on both sides. The descent was harder on the knees, with some rough steps and steep paths to negotiate, and we took our time making our way down into the valley. The final stretch was a country lane leading back into Castleton.

The Insurewise and Pollensa Team pose for a photo at the top of Mam Tor.

The sun came out to greet us, and we stopped at the finish for a well-earned drink at a local pub.

Sarah Willis, Senior Account Handler

PS – Thanks to Mandy’s dog Bella, who joined us on our Trek.

Bella, our faithful friend,  joined us on the Trek.