Keep your home safe during your summer getaway

As you plan your summer getaway, it’s important to ensure your home is secure. Burglars often take advantage of the longer daylight hours and the signs that a house is empty.

Here’s some helpful Follow these tips to keep your property safe while you’re away.

Secure Your Doors

  1. Lock All Doors: Ensure all external doors are locked before you leave home.img-3
  2. Upgrade Security: Consider a video doorbell, smart locks, a deadbolt, or a strike plate to enhance door security.
  3. Letterbox Guard: Install a guard to prevent burglars from reaching through to unlock the door.

Lock the Windows

  1. Check Window Latches: Standard latches might not be sufficient. Upgrade to key-locking levers if necessary.
  2. Additional Measures: Use window security film, glass-break sensors, window bars, or plant prickly bushes under windows for extra security.

Light Up Your Garden

  1. Outdoor Lighting: Install lights around your garden, pathways, garage, and other outbuildings to deter criminals.
  2. Advanced Lighting: Consider motion-activated lights, solar-powered options, and timers for your outdoor lighting.

    Outdoor lights are a great tool to deter burglars.

Secure Your Garage

  1. Lock All Garage Doors: Ensure both interior and exterior garage doors are locked.
  2. Secure Access Devices: Keep garage door openers inside the house and security codes secret.
  3. Upgrade Garage Security: Use smart garage door openers, additional locks, and smart devices to ensure doors aren’t left open.

Home Security Systems

  1. Install a Security System: Choose from a range of systems that fit your budget, from DIY kits to advanced alarm systems.

Don’t Ignore Your Outdoor Space

  1. Lock Up Tight: Secure stools, ladders, gates, sheds, and other outdoor buildings.
  2. Hide Valuables: Avoid leaving expensive items on display in your garden.

Add Security Cameras

  1. Install Cameras: Use security cameras as part of a complete system or as standalone units. Opt for cameras with motion detectors, night vision, and two-way talk features that can be operated remotely.

Get a Safe

  1. Store Valuables Securely: Use a safe to protect jewellery, cash, and vital documents. Choose a safe that is fire-resistant, waterproof, and heavy enough to deter theft.
  2. Features to Look For: Consider safes with redundant locks and decide between portable or anchored models.

Social Media Savvy

  1. Avoid sharing holiday updates:  Don’t post information about your trips on social media as this signals your home is unoccupied. Research shows that 1 in 5 people had been burgled after posting holiday details online and that 43% of burglars know their victims, so be wary who you share your pots with.img-5

And finally….

  • Prioritize Security Measures: Identify which strategies are most important and make a plan to implement the rest.
  • Stay Informed and Prepared: Being aware of potential risks and taking early action is key to keeping your home and valuables safe.
  • Turn up the volume: Leaving a radio or TV on low volume when you’re out creates the illusion someone is in the home. News channels or talk radio channels are suggested for a more natural sound.

Stay safe and enjoy your travels!


The Insurewise Team